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Black Light Medusa, the all-girl, omnipresent rock and roll power punk trio is best described as fierce; they do no harm but take no bull. Made up of three of the East Coast’s most talented female musicians, the charisma and energy produced by Jenny Cat, Kat DaVille, and Cathy Berg prove nothing short of a great mystery. Made in the suburbs of New Jersey, these girls prove that no-frills rock and roll can still save the world.  

AND Black Light Medusa took home the “Best New Artist” award from the 21st Annual Makin Waves Award, designed by music journalist, Bob Makin – check out the excerpt: 

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You can read the entire article here:

Currently, the band has a 3 song EP for sale, but the catch is that you need to actually come to a show to buy one. Yes, they’re going old school. Get your fanny to a show. 

A digital download option may occur in the future, but it will be a surprise. Check their social media to find out more: FACEBOOK 



Don’t Want To Be Your Baby

Can’t Shake It  

EPK (press kit)

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