Bub Pasalaqua

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Bub Pasalaqua – What can be said about his body of musical works? Pure, tyrannical genius wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a cotton T-Shirt.

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Bub Pasalaqua is no ordinary auditory hero, in fact, he is the other half of the really popular band, Ed McMahon And The Moon Tits.

From his critically acclaimed biography:

It was the name Ed McMahon & The Moontits that sent us down to my garage where we would record songs like Wrinkles, Fruit Loops and Government Pudding on my old tape deck. It wasn’t that we knew how to play any instruments so much as that we wanted to make something and then call it Ed McMahon & The Moontits!! When we got tired of banging on things and molesting my little Casio keyboard or my trusty nylon string practice guitar, we would just make up characters then feature them as guests on pretend talk shows where, if you could believe it, I would play the host and be the straight man to Ed. Entire 90 minute tapes would fill until we started trying to take other forms. We did a newsletter and a book. Hell, we even tried a movie.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: What did MCPR see in Bub Pasalaqua?

A: We saw America. We saw the Universe. We saw ourselves.

Q: How did you find Bub Pasalaqua and his music?

A: Bub really found us and his nails needed to be trimmed, so we thought – hey, what the heck! Let’s sign this guy.

Q: What do you think the future has in store for Bub Pasalaqua’s music, brand, and culture?

A: He may very well be the future of popular, top 40 music.