Jenny Cat

Q: What do you get when you trap an old soul in the body of a millennial?

A: Jenny Cat


Raised on a diet of Doo-Wop, 50’s rockabilly, country and western, psychedelic rock, bubble gum pop, and forever obsessed with places like The Brill Building, and terms like “The Wall of Sound,” Jenny took music personally and learned how to play just about every instrument, studying the craft of songwriting at Berklee College of Music. She devoted much of her creative time to her band, Jenny And The Felines, went through a few line-up changes, and was able to deliver two glorious albums of music and two hilarious music videos.

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Come On, Little Cougar


Daunted by the overwhelming costs and lack of creative vibe she encountered when looking to record her songs, she took things a step further and decided to learn the art of the recording/production/mixing/mastering process and has immense fun in the studio as it is her playground and the only place where she feels like she is home. She anticipates completing a Masters in Music Technology from Southern Utah University this December and has aspirations to teach college level courses in songwriting, music production, and all things music industry.

Additionally, she writes music in just about every genre of for libraries and sync opportunities with placements in the film, Prince of Bollywoodand several ads for various national brands.

One of her latest solo projects is the creation of a fictional girl group called, “Chiba Neko” (pronounced, Cheebah Knee co) and you can check out the freshest release by clicking here.


And she hosts a radio show every Friday night from 10pm-11pm East Coast time called “The Attic Show” on the infamous KPISS network and you can check it out here

Here are some of her latest releases

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